Emerald Artichoke

by Eleanor Kurupas, wife of Tom Kurupas, owners of Kurupas Enterprises

Tom and Eleanor Kurupas Our artichoke experience began over 20 years ago in our orchard when we were given a few plants that were thorny and irregular in size and shape, but were acclimated to our desert temperatures. Every spring Tom gave strict orders not to cut any artichokes to eat. He was going to play "Mother Nature" and cross pollinate plants that had the desired traits we were looking for.

A few years later, we extended our planting to 3 acres with seed from selected hand pollinated artichoke flowers. In the selection of our Emerald Artichoke, what we looked for were artichokes that were, thornless, glossy, flavorful and prolific; also we wanted artichokes that could withstand a certain amount of cold weather. Many people who enjoy the Emerald Artichoke encouraged us to seek a plant variety patent from the USDA office. In 1992 we received our patent. As a family, we are offering home growers and ornamental growers the opportunity to grow our artichoke. We are finding out that artichokes can be grown in many areas first thought impossible.

Emerald Artichoke Buds

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