Electric Day/Night Window Shades

There are several new inventions that have been introduced lately with respect to the window treatments. First in the motorization system in which the window coverings are operated through remote control and other one is automation in which computer interface control the coverings.

Motorization in window coverings has been for quite some time now. The name itself indicates the meaning, that is, it refers to adding a motor to the window blind so that there is no need for you to manually open or close it or tilt it. You can operate the motor by clicking the switch on the remote control. It simply means human touch is needed to operate the motorized window coverings. With the gradual advancement in the technology, the automation technique further complements the technique of motorization. In the automation technique, the motorized blind is attached to a computer interface which does not need the human touch for operation. To say, for example, an automated window treatment can be set to close with the change in the direction of sun rays falling into the room or at a fixed time. This will happen regardless of whether you are at home or not.Get additional information at pros and cons of day/night blinds for a residence.

There are two types of motorization systems available for the window treatment solutions. First one that is more popular is the battery-operated system and the other one is the hardwired system. In the first one needs to get the batteries replaced every three to four years which is not the case with the other one and that’s why they are costlier than the first one. But the battery-operated ones are ideal just for the mini blinds. One thing to keep in mind is that when you get the battery-operated ones, you must make sure that you can access the headrail without any difficulty for changing the batteries. Hardwired technique of motorization can be used for the larger window treatments and their motor makes comparatively low noise than the motor fitted in battery-operated technique.

Sophisticated technology also calls for higher costs. Of course, the automated coverings will be more expensive than the motorized ones which will cost more than the manually-operated ones. But here one thing to take note of is that by spending money, you will also get utmost luxury. For sure, you will incur the expenses keeping in mind your budget. Supposing if you have a limited budget, you can settle down for the motorized ones and particularly for the battery-operated electric window shades. If you already have a window covering, then you can also get them motorized and there is no need to get the new covering. If you have a slightly more budget, then you can taste a little bit of luxury with hardwired systems. In case, budget is not at all an issue and you just want to modernize your home décor, then integrate all the window blinds at your home with the home automation technique.